Adwords Management

Adwords advertising management

Get more from your Adwords campaign.

Adwords Management

Managing your Adwords campaign so you can make the most of your available budget, that’s the goal of Adwords Management. Our SEO and SEM specialists will help you with the set-up and maintenance of your entire AdWords campaign and will keep making adjustments to ensure a maximun impact of your AdWords campaign. Contact us now and explore the true power of AdWords for as little as €75 a month.

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Google search advertising by The Market Thing

Search advertising

One of the most effective ways to quickly get more customers and the only way to guarantee a first page position in Google.

Google display advertising done by The Market Thing

Display advertising

Especially in combination with re-marketing, display advertising can be a great way to increase both sales and brand awareness.

Webshop advertising

Advertising directly with Google is creating great new opportunities for webshops, especially in competitive markets.


Video advertising

When a picture is worth a 1.000 words, video advertising on YouTube channels will be even more valuable.

Lower costs, increased conversions

Creating an effective AdWords campaign is no one-time activity. By constantly adjusting your campaigns and keeping you up to date of all activities, rest assured your advertisement budget will be spent in the most effective way possible. With our experience and constant adjustment you will see that the effect of your campaign will create more clicks, more conversions and more sales than you did before for the same budget. This is no empty promise, as we are so sure about our AdWords management program and we will happily refund if you have noticed no improvement after one month.

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Adwords advertisement management

Money back guarantee

In the past years we have taken great pride in the results we have been able to generate for our customers, increasing sales, improving customer loyalty and increasing the overall traffic of a website. And we have so much faith in our track record, that we will offer a full refund to any customer who’s Google AdWords campaign has not improved after a single month of AdWords management. Contact us now, risk free!

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